Ingrown Nails:

 Probably the most common procedures performed in the average podiatrist’s office are those concerning ingrown nails.The nail is penetrating the skin along the edge allowing bacteria to enter tissue and start an infection. In all cases, infection if very often associated with ingrowing nails and “”bathroom surgery”” is highly discouraged. Also, don’t wait too long. The longer you wait, the more difficult the issues become to fix.

      Nail Fungus:

      Many people don’t realize they have a fungal nail problem and, therefore, don’t seek treatment. Yet, fungal toenail infections are a common foot health problem and can persist for years without ever causing pain. The disease, characterized by a change in a toenail’s color, is often considered nothing more than a mere blemish. Left untreated, however, it can present serious problems.


       Corns and calluses are protective layers of compacted, dead skin cells. They are caused by repeated friction from skin rubbing against bony areas or against an irregularity in a shoe. Corns ordinarily form on the toes and calluses on the soles of the feet. The friction and pressure can burn or otherwise be painful and may be relieved by moleskin or padding on the affected areas.

       Never cut corns or calluses with any instrument, and never apply home remedies, except under a podiatrist’s instructions.


        All supported by:

        – A computer system next generation: PRESSURES PLATFORM, which analyzes plantar pressures and correct transmission of the load in all phases of the running, in static and dynamic.

        – Treadmill, which allows the study of tread athlete during the race.

        – And comprehensive and personalized assessment by the Podiatrist.


           Orthotics are temporary or customised orthopaedic insoles that fit easily and securely within your footwear. Essentially these prescribed insoles (will) can help to restore regular balance and pressure on muscles and joints, which can allow(s) you , in many cases, to get on with things pain free, whether that be in your sport, in work or just in daily life.

            Orthotics can assist with a wide range of biomechanical problems such as Heel pain, Shin splints, Fallen arches, Plantar Fasciitis, Knee pain, Back pain and much more.

           Everybody has different requirements and so we can prescribe various types of shell strength and flex of the insoles.

           PLANTAR WARTS

           A plantar wart is a wart caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) occurring on the sole (Latin planta) or toes of the foot. This infectious process is usually picked up by walking barefoot on a contaminated surface or by using shoes and socks contaminated by someone else who has the infection.

           We recommend having warts treated as soon as they are found. The simple fact is that small warts are easy to treat and larger warts can be quite challenging and painful to treat.

           WE ALSO TREAT: plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, metatarsalgia… Ask our staff for more information.

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